Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Brands

When you’re working with a large dealer network, it’s difficult to calculate the ROI of your marketing efforts. How do you know what kind of revenue is being generated if you can’t track what happens to each and every lead? Not to mention the challenge of maintaining consistent messaging and branding across all dealer locations. When you’re spending money driving traffic and generating leads, you want reassurance that it’s paying off, and gathering specific data from each dealer seems impossible.

We know the struggle, and we have the solution.



The mXtr platform enables you to manage, nurture, and attribute leads throughout your entire dealer network. Our proprietary lead nurturing “syndication” technology allows for consistent messaging and branding for all of your dealers — whether that’s 2 locations or 2,000! With this platform, you will have access to valuable insights of the customer journey from beginning to end, and best of all, you will never lose a lead or key customer data downstream which truly is the backbone of improving the customer lifetime value (for you and your dealers).


We build automation packages targeting consumers’ behavior and where they are in their life cycle with your product and services. What makes us different? We take a holistic approach, giving you the opportunity to interact with your customers and leads throughout their engagement at both the manufacturer and dealer level.

mXtr provides lead attribution with a user-friendly interface. Stakeholders at all levels are notified of key performance indicators by region, dealer, and salesperson. Once a lead has been captured, it can be passed to the appropriate dealer and continue to be nurtured. Now both the OEM and dealer are part of a continuous consumer engagement process on one platform

Closing the Loop with Actionable Results

The mystery of “what happened to X lead?” no longer exists. Using our platform, you can track each lead at all levels with all your dealers. But the data isn’t just about leads; you also get a comprehensive look at how your marketing and sales efforts are working along with a powerful yet easy-to-use CRM. Track metrics including:


Analyzing data allows you to make determinations about your business that you otherwise may not have been aware of. You can take an in-depth look at under-performing regions, dealers, and even specific salespeople to assess the situation. When you are aware of a problem and the cause, you’re much better equipped to fix it. Conversely, you can also look at top performing areas of your business, find out what they’re doing right, and replicate it across your entire dealer network. By integrating your digital marketing, you can also determine what activities and sources are best delivering. Discover trends, correlations, and other important consumer data that will ultimately lead to actionable results, which in turn enable you to close the loop and get more sales. Data is everywhere, but the right data is what you and your business need.

If you're ready to start integrating today’s technology, help your dealers or retailers take advantage of incredible tools, and expand your knowledge of the consumer's behavior … We can help you do that.

“MXTR enabled us to not only distribute leads to hundreds of our retailers but nurture these leads into sales at the local level. Furthermore, through new found data, we build stronger relationships with these consumers which we feel is increasing their lifetime value.”
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