3 Smart Ways to Skyrocket Your Email Conversion Rate

A digital marketer assesses metrics to develop an effective campaign that boosts email conversion rates.

In today’s world of digital marketing, email is one of the older resources in the marketer’s tool belt. Regardless, it can still be a highly effective way to generate leads and increase revenue. This article will highlight steps you can take to boost your email conversion rate. 

There are currently more than 4 billion people in the world who have an active email account. Mobile devices allow people to remain connected with businesses anywhere in the world at any time of day. For marketers, this means you can reach an expansive audience with targeted messaging that resonates. By understanding how to approach your email marketing campaigns, you can increase the likelihood that prospects and potential buyers will become actual customers.

Read on to learn three ways to make the most of your email marketing efforts. By following these best practices, you can ensure you’re maximizing your opportunities for increased engagement, sales growth, and higher email conversion rates.

Key Takeaways
  • When it comes to email marketing campaigns, a high open-rate isn’t enough. Emails should convince readers to take action toward a specific goal.
  • Although calculating email conversion rates is easy, it’s best to set individual goals for each campaign and review metrics to gauge success.
  • Optimize your emails for higher click-throughs and better conversions in three ways: creating compelling subject lines, sending readers to a landing page, and adding a call-to-action.

What Exactly is an Email Conversion Rate, and Why is It Important?

An email conversion rate is the percentage of email recipients who take action to complete a goal. 

Every email you create should have a specific objective. Some campaigns may set out to entice people to subscribe to an email list. Others may aim to convince people to purchase a product or service. Whatever the goal, email conversion rates are important because they provide invaluable metrics to help you determine whether your marketing campaigns are effective. 

Email has the potential to generate a better ROI than other digital marketing opportunities. The key, however, is for your email to convince readers to complete a desired action. It isn’t enough to get people to simply open your emails. Your emails should yield a good conversion rate. How to Calculate an Email Conversion Rate

Calculating your email conversion rate is simple. Divide the number of conversions by the number of delivered emails and multiply that amount by 100. The formula looks like this:

CR = (C / E) x 100

The following video further explains how to calculate this metric for optimal performance:

Source: Bree Kuryk on YouTube

There are too many variables to identify a reasonable email conversion rate. Between your industry’s niche, the goals for your conversions, pricing, and email providers, it’s nearly impossible to average this figure to serve as a benchmark of success.

Different industries have different engagement levels. Email type is also a determining factor. Welcome and reactivation emails that connect with prospects throughout their lifecycle elicit different responses than emailed newsletters that are less personalized. 

Different email types earn different conversion rates.


For these reasons, it’s best to set individual goals for each of your campaigns and use your own metrics to assess the success of your email marketing efforts.

3 Ways to Boost Email Conversion Rates

To ensure your email marketing campaigns are hitting their mark, you must optimize your emails for maximum performance. Here are three best practices for developing email campaigns that result in higher click-throughs and skyrocket your email conversion rates.

1. Use a Compelling Subject Line

The average person receives 121 emails every day. To stand out in a crowded inbox, be sure your subject line is eye-catching. When creating the subject line for each of your emails, be sure to:

  • Know your audience: Subject lines that resonate with individual needs are more likely to earn results.
  • Avoid all caps: Nobody likes to feel as though they’re being shouted at.
  • Get to the point: Keep subject lines short and sweet.
  • Incorporate emojis: When used correctly, these icons can appeal to readers’ emotions.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Phrases like “Act Now” and “One Day Only” entice people to take action.

Subject lines that are direct and specific and don’t overpromise to customers are more likely to earn higher open rates and, thus, have more potential for conversions.

Subject line words that increase email opens.


2. Incorporate a Landing Page

Landing pages allow you to connect the dots for your email recipients and reduce the likelihood that they’ll deviate from the course of action you want them to take.

When you include links in your email campaigns, they should take readers to a landing page that’s relevant to their circumstances. This helps you increase the chances that people will complete your desired action.

For instance, if your email is sent to someone who abandoned their shopping cart, a link in that email should take them directly to their online cart. This way, they can pick up right where they left off. 

3. Include an Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

You must tell your readers exactly what it is you want them to do. A clear CTA guides prospects through the sales funnel and gives them the confidence they need to complete an action. 

CTAs should be short, powerful, and actionable. Use audience information like demographics, location, and interests to customize your CTAs for an even higher chance for email conversions. 

Examples of effective CTAs include:

  • Subscribe for special offers
  • Learn more about this product
  • Add to cart
  • Claim your reward here
  • Download this resource now
  • Click here for more information

The goal of your email marketing campaign is to entice readers to act. A strong, prominent CTA that catches the eye and leads the way to conversions is key to the success of any email campaign.

Build an Effective Email Conversion Strategy

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