6 Ways to Re-Engage and Win Back Lost Leads

Win back lost leads by automating your follow-ups.

Leads are the key to any successful sales strategy. Without leads, your customer pool would eventually run dry. Finding leads, qualifying them, and then converting them into customers can be a long process. Along the way, you will end up with lost leads.

While some of those lost leads are never going to convert into customers, some were not ready to make a purchase after the initial contact. And others just need some reminders about what your business can do for them.

With the right strategy, re-engaging those lost leads can boost your conversion rate and improve your overall sales.

Key Takeaways
  • A CRM system with automated reminders can keep you on track when following up with leads.
  • Direct “9-word emails” can grab the attention of lost leads and trigger a response when other methods have failed.
  • Some leads respond better to connections on social media.
  • Trigger events offer an opportunity to reconnect with lost leads.

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Win Back Lost Leads with These 6 Tips

With some intentional actions, you can nurture your inactive leads and win them back. Try some of these strategies to heat up those cold leads.

  1. Use CRM and Automation to Follow Up

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial if you want to manage your leads effectively. These advanced systems keep all customer information and relevant dates in one place. Without a CRM, you may have to check multiple databases, spreadsheets, or even random sticky notes to find the information you need. This can lead to more lost leads.

Most CRM systems also have some automated features that let you automatically send follow-up messages to keep your leads engaged. Following up with leads is one of the most important things you can do to not lose them.

Research shows that only 2% of sales are made after the first contact, whereas 80% of sales aren’t closed until after the fifth to 12th contact. While numerous follow-ups may seem like hounding a client, these statistics show that it takes time and repeated contact to fully nurture your leads.

Not following up causes lost leads.

Source: IRC Sales Solutions

  1. Send a “9-Word Email” 

First pioneered by marketer Dean Jackson, this strategy is simple yet can lead to surprising results.

All it requires is sending a straightforward email to a lead using the following format:

  • Customer’s name as the subject line
  • Body of the email with about nine words: “Are you still interested in [insert your product or service]?
  • Sign off with your first name.

At first glance, this may seem too simple. You might be tempted to add a link or other information. However, the direct nature of the message makes it feel more personal. The open-ended question encourages replies, especially if the answer is yes.

As a business professional, it’s okay if your email also includes your signature line with relevant company information.

  1. Put a Handwritten Note in the Mail 

Do you remember the last time you get something personal through the mail? Maybe it was a birthday card from a loved one? Whatever the occasion, it likely made you feel special and appreciated. You can do the same for your lost leads.

A simple birthday message could be touching. You could even send them a box of company swag or other content as long as you include that personalized message.

  1. Connect Through Social Media 

Depending on the demographics of your lost leads, you might be trying to connect with them in the wrong way. Many people avoid answering phone calls and have hundreds (or thousands!) of unread emails in their inboxes.

Making a connection on social media can be more effective for some leads. Consider the following social media tactics:

  • Sending a DM on Twitter
  • Connecting on LinkedIn for B2B companies
  • Sharing a personal message on Facebook

Find the social media platform that is the best fit for your leads. If they aren’t actively using an account, don’t try to connect with them there.

  1. Look for Trigger Events 

A trigger event is some sort of remarkable event within a person’s life. This can even apply to businesses. 

For example, if you are a B2B company and you see a prospective client has a new press release or product, send a note of congratulations to your contact. This note reminds them that you exist and that you are paying attention to them. This can open an opportunity for engagement.

If your customers are individuals, you can use LinkedIn to watch for any professional achievements. This could be a post that highlights a promotion. Again, you could send a message saying you saw their promotion on LinkedIn and wanted to congratulate them. Make an offer to help them in their new role.

Messages like these show a human connection and can make the prospect feel noticed and appreciated. LinkedIn is an ideal source for social triggers. Here are some sales triggers you can look for that allow you to reach out:

  • Your contact writes a LinkedIn post
  • It is a contact’s birthday
  • Contact updates their profile
  • Contact earns a skills endorsement
  • Contact changes jobs

It is possible to set up an automated system that looks for these triggers for you. However, you should keep your messaging personalized if you want to create a more genuine connection.

  1. Offer an Incentive 

Getting a gift or something for free can be a big draw for many people. If your leads have not responded to your other messages, offer them an incentive. In this example, Blue Apron is trying to entice a previous subscriber with a discount.

Offering incentives to lost leads can encourage engagement.

Source: marketveep

While discounts and promotions are attractive, an incentive can also be something like high-value content. For example, if your company has published new research or is offering a webinar, that kind of information could be incredibly motivating to the right type of lead.

For some more ideas on re-engaging your lost leads, check out the tips in this video:

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Reconnect with Lost Leads with MXTR

While personalized messages and connections made from trigger events can be useful ways to win back lost leads, an effective automation strategy can help prevent you from losing them in the first place. 

At MXTR, we offer advanced automation strategies that can help you maximize your time, shorten the sales cycle, improve your email marketing, and prioritize your high-value leads. Our systems can easily integrate with your existing technology.

Are you ready to reconnect with your lost leads and slow down your loss rate? Schedule a free demo today to see how MXTR can transform your sales cycle.


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