Cold Prospect to Sales Ready Lead…There is a better way!

At mXtr Automation we work with clients of all shapes and sizes across many different industries. Although the goals and the strategy to achieve those goals varies greatly form one client to the next, there are some lessons to be learned in terms of cultivating sales ready leads from a few of our clients in the construction industry.

For many years general contractors, plumbers, electricians and just about any other trade in the construction business have relied on “bid services” to locate and track upcoming projects and potential jobs. Bid services include companies like BidClerk, Construction Data, and Dodge. These organizations do a great job of providing a comprehensive list of upcoming projects in a given market, primary contacts for the job and an array of additional project specific information.

But, knowing the job exists and having the name of a primary contact is just the beginning for the sales team, right? The age old sales challenges still remain – how do we get in touch with the right person? How do we get that person to respond to our calls and emails? How do I know this is even a legit opportunity? And, where does the sales team find the time to prospect these leads (more on that in a future post)?

Enter mXtr Automation and our lead nurturing / sales automation program. We have developed a comprehensive lead management program for our clients that takes cold leads, warms them up and delivers sales ready leads to the sales team. And it all happens behind the scenes on behalf of the client, without anyone at the client location needing to do anything to initiate the process.

The program is designed to introduce, educate, engage and nurture the prospect in order to reach the desired goal, which is often an appointment with a sales representative. Imagine, subscribing to a bid service that generates 10-15 legitimate opportunities for your business each day – now imagine that you have a system in place to talk one-on-one to each one of those leads. That’s what we do.

Plus, we track the level of engagement of each prospect as we correspond with them. We know when the prospect opens our emails, visits the website and clicks on important items on the website. All of this data is captured and shared with the sales team at the appropriate time.

An effective lead management program leveraging the power of marketing automation, can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. In fact, our clients report a 35% increase in prospect appointments with our program and a dramatic increase in overall sales numbers.

If you’re generating leads for your sales team from any source and you’re looking for a program that guarantees they are followed up on in a very timely and efficient manner, we should talk. Click here to schedule a one-on-one consultation or simply give us a call at 800-268-2342.

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