Five Email Marketing Campaigns that Kick Total Butt

What is Effective Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be broken down into two major pillars—the target audience and the goal. The former is the specific group you’re engaging with, like active or past customers, interested new leads, etc. The latter, your goal, is what you ultimately want the consumer to do, such as order samples, request a quote, or visit your website.

Marketing automation is one of the most efficient ways to engage consumers via email. You’re provided with the tools to send highly-relevant information to the right person at the right time, all without having to lift a finger.

Here are five companies who are absolutely killing it with their email marketing:

Uber and the Interactive Approach

Uber is offering up a new service to customers where they can sync their calendars with Uber’s platform. Because of their solid email marketing strategy, many people might just opt-in.

The first thing Uber does right is create a verbally-limited campaign that can be read in seconds. Big blocks of text, which are seen as daunting or annoying, tend to go unread. Another pro of this email is the interface, with a dynamic “Sync Now” button that allows users to interact without much effort.

Less work = more engagement.


The Buzzfeed Hook

Buzzfeed’s strategy revolves around providing entertaining and edgy content to the younger generation. Most emails have a simple end-goal of getting users to visit the website.

This email, much like Uber’s, uses an image-heavy message designed to capture your attention. In this case, humor is used to engage readers and get them wanting more. The “more” can conveniently be found on the Buzzfeed website, via the included link.


BirchBox Incentivized Method

BirchBox, an online makeup subscription service, is doing a lot of things right with their email campaigns. Let’s count the ways.

First, they keep the message personalized—consumers want to feel like they play a role in a company’s success. They also offer an incentive for being a customer, in this case, a “gift” or discount which requires a future purchase. Don’t forget, they also make it extremely easy for users to connect further, with social, email, and website links built straight into the email.


Utilizing Automation at Mark Warner

This UK-based travel company is taking advantage of something marketing automation does flawlessly—capturing consumers who’ve abandoned a potential sale.

Automation allows this email to go out strategically after a virtual cart has been abandoned. The goal is to entice readers to finalize a purchase, going so far as to include a dynamic button that completes the booking. Users are more far likely to engage with this format, as it requires little work.

There are plenty of ways you can be more successful with marketing automation.


Creating Urgency with Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways regularly sends emails to users showcasing their latest discounts and deals. They create a sense of urgency, stating that “seats are limited”, and make it extremely convenient to look at fares featured in the email.

Not only does Fiji Air take the effort out of the transaction, they also encourage readers to publicize deals further, with convenient Facebook and Twitter icons for sharing.  


Planning Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email campaigns, like the ones above, are an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. The more effectively you can engage and connect with consumers, the more ROI you will begin to see.

If you’re looking for a customer-focused marketing strategy that saves you time, consider marketing automation with mXtr Automation. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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