Five Essentials of Growing Brand Awareness

What is Brand Awareness?

No matter the size of your business, brand awareness is crucial for establishing your identity alongside competitors and sustaining continued growth. Beyond a catchy logo or slogan, brand awareness is what gives your company an identity to which consumers feel they can relate.

Luckily, with tools like social media and marketing automation through mXtr Automation, growing awareness doesn’t have to be difficult.

Develop a Story

A story gives your business the human qualities of having a history, hardships, and triumphs. Consumers want to feel like they can relate to a specific company or product being offered, which a story allows.

That sense of camaraderie is what drives someone to make recommendations to friends and continue regular purchases. As an added bonus, a story will make your company more memorable in the long-term.

Stay Connected

Consumers want to feel heard. Therefore, one of the best ways to promote your brand is by maintaining an open line of communication with consumers. Many businesses are able to accomplish this through social media, which offers a convenient platform for real-time messaging.

Social media also provides the possibility of communities to be created around your brand, where discussions can be had, questions asked, and opinions shared. All the better if you take the time to participate in those communities.

Provide Valuable Content

The relationship between your business and the consumer is a two-way street. Customers want to feel like they are benefiting in some way—besides the products or services they purchase.

Instead of constantly pushing for the sale, you should be focusing on content that provides value. While that content should still be related to your business, the consumer should not have to pay to feel as if they’ve gained something. What is valuable content? Almost anything that can inform, educate, or entertain.

Automate Your Marketing

Businesses gain a variety of benefits from marketing automation, one of which is elevating your brand’s awareness. Automation allows a company to have a more hands-on approach to customer service, almost giving the ability predict the consumer’s future needs.

The overall goals are to make lasting impressions, increase satisfaction, and raise retention rates.

Stay Consistent

If you want to be memorable as a brand, your business has to be presented as a united front. This means that all logos, color-schemes, graphics, etc. that you use should remain consistent across all platforms.

Whether you’re putting an ad in the newspaper, posting to Facebook, or updating the company website, you should be using a consistent theme that accurately represents your brand.

Brand Awareness and Your Business

Growing brand awareness isn’t difficult, especially in the digital age. Dedicating time and resources to provide consumers what they want – valuable information, easy contact, etc. – will help streamline your brand growth and create better overall awareness.

If you’re interested in growing your brand with marketing automation, contact mXtr Automation today—we’d be happy to establish a custom solution for your business with a free consultation.


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