Five Types of Copy That Drive Conversions

Increase Conversion Rates with Copy

The type of content you produce and deliver to consumers is crucial. What you offer must provide enough value—inform, educate, or entertain—that consumers want to engage and share.

Continuous engagement, like the engagement strategy of marketing automation, fosters leads, which can then be nurtured toward a sale. So what types of content are considered valuable?


Infographics are a type of visual content that presents information or data. They are viewed, shared, and engaged with three times more than any other type of content—not surprising, considering around 40 percent of learners respond better to visual information rather than text alone.

When deciding to use this type of content, always pick topics relevant to your business’s niche. You’ll want to include a logo and backlinks as well, so users can still find your information when content has been shared across platforms.


Video content has a broad range of uses, from getting a few laughs to presenting a company’s story. It’s a form of content that is easy to engage with, as almost no interaction is required on the part of the user. At the end of the video or within the description, viewers should be encouraged to comment and share with friends.

If your business hasn’t already been attempting video content, now is the time to start. It is estimated that 74 percent of all internet traffic is represented by video content. This number is expected to grow to 80 percent by 2019.


Lists are more trendy than ever, with diverse business niches finding ways to incorporate the numbered format. They’re also an easy type content to read and digest, making them popular among online users.

You’ll need to choose a topic and a number—any number—to get started. When writing your list, keep the format simple and the relevant info easy to find.


With an ebook, not only are you providing consumers with valuable information, you’re also establishing your brand as an expert on a certain topic, increasing credibility. Many businesses offer free downloadable ebooks in exchange for joining a mailing list or following on social media.

A good benchmark for an ebook is roughly 10,000 words—or 40 double-spaced pages. Divide the book into shorter, digestible chunks and include relevant pictures or graphics. Once the inside content has been created, source a professional-looking cover, as a poorly designed one will dissuade people from even taking a look.

Case Studies

A case study is written as a story from the client’s perspective, introducing a problem, analyzing possible solutions, and determining the best overall choice. Your goal is to motivate potential clients to investigate further and take action.

With a case study, your business can prove to be knowledgeable about challenges that clients face, as well as the range of solutions available. The best choice—offered through your business—should have a proven track record backed by data and testimonials.


Marketing Strategies for Your Business

There are plenty of content varieties to choose from when attempting to increase traffic and drive conversions. While visual content will always be regarded as highly shareable and easy to engage with, text-driven content like ebooks and case studies can also have a valuable impact on readers.

If you’re looking for even more ways to engage and nurture leads, the simple and easy solution is marketing automation. Contact mXtr automation today for your free consultation


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