10 Marketing Automation Terms You Should Know

Investing in Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a combination of software and strategies that allow companies to automate, streamline, and optimize routine marketing tasks. If you want to learn more about marketing automation and how it can benefit your company, there are few terms you might want to know.

Marketing Automation Terms to Know

A/B Testing: A comparison of two versions of marketing content – such as an email or landing page – passed along to control and test groups to determine which version produces better results.

Buyer Personas: These are research-based profiles of who your target customers are. These personas should focus on customer demographics, problems they face, goals, and more. The purpose is to help you engage more strategically with leads.

Call-to-Action: Also called a CTA, this is a button or link within marketing content that encourage visitors to take action. CTAs typically attempt to drive conversions by asking visitors to contact the business, provide personal information, visit more pages, etc.

Engagement: This is any interaction between a business and lead.

Lead Nurturing: Also known as drip marketing, this is a type of email campaign designed to qualify leads, keep them engaged, and push them further along the sales pipeline.

Lead Score: This is the process of calculating a numeric value for leads based on pre-set criteria and behaviors. The lead score is used to determine is how qualified a lead is before being passed along to the sales team.

Progressive Profiling: This is the process of swapping out questions on embedded forms, with website visitors being asked new questions upon return visits. This works to not overwhelm potential customers while also giving marketers access to new information.

Segmentation: This refers to the process of separating lead lists into smaller groups based on needs, preferences, or other criteria.

Trigger: A trigger initiates an action or a series of actions with a lead, such as a chain of emails. Common triggers include specific dates, purchases, website visits, etc.

Workflow: This is essentially the act of automating your marketing. You can set up email sequences, list segmentation, lead alerts, and much more.

Marketing Automation and Your Business

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