Is Social Media Actually Beneficial For Your Business?

Have you developed a social media strategy for your business? If not, it’s quite possible you’re limiting your business’s potential.

There are currently more than 3 billion people across the globe that use social media platforms. Of those 3 million, more follow brands and businesses than their favorite celebrities. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of users on Instagram alone follow at least one brand.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of social media and how you can utilize social platforms to better your business.

Benefits of Social Media

Increase Brand Awareness: Your brand can’t be discovered by new consumers if it’s not out there. Posting regularly on social media will allow new people to learn about your business, the products and services you offer, and what makes your brand unique.

Establish Expert Credibility: When you post credible information online, you’re aligning yourself as a resource—people will trust that you, and by extension your business, are knowledge on the subject.

Promote Relevancy: If you aren’t consistently posting online, people will soon forget about you. Stay relevant by posting regularly and keeping on the radar.

Humanize Your Brand: Consumers want to work with a brand that is open, honest, and available. Social media allows you to humanize your brand by promoting a more personalized story.

Generate New Leads: 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products and brands on the platform. By ignoring social media, you could be missing out on a multitude of new leads.

Increase Website Traffic: Social media posts and ads are a great way to drive new traffic to your website.

Gauge and Manage Reputation: Being active online allows you to get a sense of how your brand is perceived. Once you take the reins of your online persona, you’ll have more flexibility to manage your brand’s overall reputation.

Learn More About Your Audience: Social media will give you insights as to what your audience is into (besides your brand). Getting to know your audience will allow you to create highly relevant and targeted campaigns.

Analyze Competitors: It’s important to know how consumers feel about the competition. On social media, you can track when competitors are mentioned, what is being said, how competitors respond, and more.

Engage with Your Audience: One of the biggest benefits of social media is the ability to engage with consumers one-on-one. This provides a more personalized touch and allows you to get to know potential customers better.

Provide Customer Support: Social media allows you to offer highly personalized customer support. Consumers enjoy reaching out on social media due to the ease of access and the ability to get speedy replies.

Boost Sales: No matter the service or product you offer, social media can help you sell it. Social media platforms should be a crucial step in your sales funnel, turning new contacts into leads and leads into potential customers.

Source New Content: Finding fresh and relevant content regularly can be exhausting. Thankfully, social media is a great resource for finding content that you can share or use to create something new.

Stay Up-to-Date on Industry News: Staying up-to-date on relevant industry updates and news becomes extremely simple once on social media. Once you’ve established yourself online, follow industry pages that regularly post helpful information.

Promote Targeted Advertising: Promoting content and ads is a great way to get your brand in front of new groups, potentially capturing new leads.

Gather Instant Feedback: Good or bad, social media allows consumers to provide you instant feedback. The good news? This feedback can be used to optimize your strategy.

Retarget Lost Leads: People who have abandoned their spot in the sales funnel are prime candidates for retargeting. With social media, you can retarget visitors who have been on your website or interacted with your brand, nudging them back into the cycle.

Partner With Influencers: Word-of-mouth drives 20-50% of purchasing decisions. Social media allows you to connect with relevant influencers, who in turn promote your b rand in a personalized manner to their listening audience.

Social Media and Your Brand

Developing a social media strategy and getting started is an essential move toward growing your online presence and establishing brand awareness.

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