Streamline Your Sales Pipeline With This Powerful Tool

Whenever I think of sales teams trying to manage their pipeline, often times I visualize them fishing through unorganized papers all over their desk with no semblance of order. Or in some cases, using time consuming programs like excel to keep track of each one of their prospects.

This ultimately ends up creating a major problem due to the inordinate amount of time spent on these tasks and takes away from what really matters the most – moving sales forward. But what if I told you that mXtr has a very user-friendly CRM tool that allows you to easily keep track all the specific information associated with each of your potential customers?

One that allows you to clearly see things like the amount of deals in your pipeline and what stage they are at, average size of your deals, won and lost ratio, average time to close, and accurately forecast future performance. Wouldn’t life be so much easier?

See what our clients have to say about the CRM – here. For more information on mXtr’s user-friendly CRM, give us a call today at 800-286-2342 and we will be happy to help.

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