Dynamic Content – are you using it effectively?

Did you know that you can use dynamic content to add a more personal touch not only to your emails but your website too?  It just makes sense and has become an essential part of marketing for many large companies.  You can do it too!

Dynamic content is pretty common in email marketing. In fact, it’s expected. It’s how we personalize the message — from name, subject line, even specific copy points and images.  Today, everything centers on your customers and they have grown to expect nothing less as dynamic content gives them what they want.  This equates to improving click-through rates and conversions.  In fact, studies show that personalization can improve click-through rates by 2.5x which leads to a 6x increase in sales – this according to our friends at Campaign Monitor.

So here is an idea…why not employ this same strategy with your website? When you think about it, your customers go way beyond your email.  If you continually motivate them with content that sparks their interests, they will continually move around within your entire digital footprint.  So when a lead or prospect visits your site, you should be dynamically changing your website to make your visitors experience more personal and relevant. You can tailor your website content to specific views based on behavior and customer preferences. When done properly, the content should change each time a customer visits the website. This enables the visitor to move through the sales funnel in the most efficient manner – as they are seeing content that is most relevant to them with each visit. It’s the right message, right time mentality.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to implementing a dynamic content strategy. Give the mXtr team a call today at 1-800-268-2342, and we’d more than happy to help you chart the course.

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