Here we go! It’s the official launch of the mXtr Automation Blog. An exciting time for sure here at mXtr. This initiative also officially kicks off our social media program – so, be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What can you expect from the mXtr blog? Well, we hope to keep it fun, exciting and yet informative. Our main focus and topics will revolve around digital marketing and specifically marketing automation. Our plan is to share best practices, helpful tips, success stories and case studies related to marketing automation. Some of the content will be from the minds of the mXtr team and some will be shared from what the mXtr team is reading. We even have a few “guest bloggers” lined up for your enjoyment.

Plus, we plan to give you an inside look at mXtr Automation. A closer look if you will, at our secret sauce — which of course is our people. We will profile some of our team members and allow them to share what they do to bring success to the clients that they work with each day.

We hope that you enjoy the information we plan to share. And, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions. Thanks for checking out the mXtr Blog – we look forward to seeing you again, real soon.

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