What are Lead Scores?

What Are Lead Scores?

Leads are consumers that have been targeted as potential customers, and lead scoring is a system of metrics used by sales and marketing teams to determine the worthiness of a lead—how close the lead is to converting. The value of each lead is determined by the amount of interest being shown in the product or service.

At mXtr Automation, we take those values and divide them into two categories: “hot” and “warm”. Hot leads show high levels of interest and are likely to convert with encouragement, while warm leads have shown interest, but may require more time at the nurture level.

What Can We Learn From Lead Scores?

Lead scores allow marketers to determine the typical path a customer will take before a sale is made. With this information, the areas where valuable time is best invested can be pinpointed.

Within lead scores, we learn about:

  • Unsubscribe Rates. These can measure the effectiveness of a campaign or target flaws within content.

  • Clickthrough Rates. When users open emails or perform the desired CTA, the effect of the content can be measured.

  • Website Traffic. When leads visit your site, check prices, looks up contact info, etc. A drop in metrics significes content may need updated.

  • Downloads. Lead scores track  information passed along to leads. When you send case studies, ebooks, etc., you can measure impact easily.

  • Sales Cycle Time. This is the length of time it takes for a lead to convert to a customer. A shorter cycle indicates an effective strategy and greater ROI.

  • Upsell Opportunities. Lead scores indicate products/services leads are interested in. This presents easy upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • And More.

Lead scoring tracks all key consumer interactions and factors them a metric that determines which customers you should be speaking to and which leads could be a waste of your time.

Why Are Lead Scores Important?

When you have a large number of consumers you want to reach, lead scoring takes those contacts and segments them into easier-to-manage chunks. These smaller groups of leads can then be targeted by highly-personalized campaigns backed by data, designed to nurture, educate, or push toward the sale.

Pros of using lead scores include:

  • Better qualification of leads

  • Timely communication to each and every lead

  • Higher sales productivity

  • More conversions

  • Less lost opportunities

  • Synchronize marketing and sales goals

At mXtr Automation, lead scoring is an important part of our strategy. We make sure no lead slips through the cracks by using marketing automation to create personalized and targeted campaigns designed to convert.

When you’re searching for a revolutionized automated marketing strategy, look no further than mXtr Automation. Contact us today to get started!


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