The A to Z Guide to LinkedIn Lead Nurturing

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With more than 57 million companies on LinkedIn, you shouldn’t overlook this powerful networking platform. LinkedIn has become a popular place for job hunters looking to market their skills and seek new career opportunities. But it’s also a fantastic option for brands wanting to grow their presence and connect with customers. That’s why LinkedIn lead nurturing should be taken seriously by anyone wanting to increase revenue.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should be nurturing leads via LinkedIn, plus a few tips on how to make this part of your overall marketing strategy. Let’s dive into the tips!

Key Takeaways:
  • LinkedIn is an effective tool for companies who want to build their networks, establish credibility, and stand out from their competitors.
  • To generate and nurture leads, make sure you’re consistently posting high-quality content for your target audience to discover and consume.
  • Always prioritize engagement on LinkedIn, whether it’s via comments or private messages.

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Why You Should Nurture Leads Via LinkedIn

Although it may not be the most popular social media platform available today, LinkedIn still boasts an impressive 774.61 million users worldwide. Data suggest that this number will increase to 1,034.56 million users by 2025. With no signs of slowing down, it’s all the more reason to get serious about your LinkedIn strategy now. However, its usage isn’t the only reason LinkedIn is worthwhile.

Graph from Statista showing the number of LinkedIn users worldwide from 2017 on with projects up to 2025.

Source: Statista

Here are a few more reasons to focus on LinkedIn lead nurturing:

  • It’s an Opportunity to Build a Meaningful Network: The whole point of being on social media is to leverage these platforms as a networking tool. If your company’s target audience is spending time on LinkedIn, it’s worthwhile for you to be there too. This way, you won’t miss out on any opportunities to connect with potential customers.
  • You’ll Establish Credibility: The best way to position your company as credible is through the content you’re publishing online. LinkedIn is just one of many channels that allow you to do this. Whether you’re sharing organic posts to promote your content or running ads, LinkedIn can help you get your company’s name out.
  • It Can Differentiate You From Competitors: The only space is pretty competitive these days, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. And if your competitors aren’t actively using LinkedIn, this is your opportunity to step in with a strategy that will attract your target audience to you instead.

Even LinkedIn reports that 40% of surveyed B2B marketers said LinkedIn was their most effective channel for driving quality leads. It’s always worth testing it out to see how this platform works for you.

4 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Nurturing

If you’re ready to make LinkedIn lead nurturing part of your online marketing strategy, these tips will allow you to effectively leverage the platform for maximum ROI:

1. Consistently Publish High-Quality Content

Of course, it’s not enough to just have a LinkedIn profile. You need to be active on the platform, too! A great way to step up your LinkedIn lead nurturing is to make sure you’re present on LinkedIn by regularly sharing high-quality, valuable content that will get attention from your target audience.

People will discover you from the content you’re sharing, putting them at the top of the sales funnel. From there, you can position your company as an authority in its field. In time, people will see you as a reliable resource of information, which is essential if you want to convert someone into a quality lead.

raphic from depicting the stages of a traditional sales funnel.

Source: SnovIO

To gain more traction for the content you’re sharing, you may want to invite your employees on LinkedIn to share those posts as well. This will allow you to get in front of the networks they’ve built. More eyes on your content equals more opportunities to generate and nurture leads. Plus, employee advocacy speaks volumes about your company.

2. Participate in Relevant LinkedIn Groups

If you haven’t already, it may be worthwhile for you to find and join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your niche. Groups provide a fantastic opportunity to generate and win leads, as you’ll be able to connect with tons of new people in your target audience. Then, you can nurture those leads outside of the group through private messages to take the conversation to the next level.

3. Engage Through Comments and Messages

The most important element of LinkedIn lead nurturing that you cannot overlook is engagement. Social media is meant to be social. If you’re not making use of these platforms to have conversations and form connections with your audience, you’re missing out on the chance to build strong relationships. And people are going to be more inclined to purchase something from your company if they’ve already built a relationship with you from consuming your content and talking to you.

To do this, respond to any comments you receive on your own posts. Seek out posts from other creators and leave genuine comments to further a conversation with them. Also, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone through a private message. Don’t hit them with a sales pitch right off the bat when doing this. Focus on having an actual conversation and getting to know them.

4. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you really want to take things up a notch, it’s worth looking into LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Although it’s not a free tool, there is a free trial if you want to test it out. It’s designed to help you target the right people and companies with ease and assists in engaging with prospective leads. LinkedIn lead nurturing is a pretty powerful tool that can generate major ROI for your business.

Screenshot showing the dashboard inside the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Source: LinkedIn

Inside Sales Navigator, you can save leads to a list, allowing you to effortlessly track any leads you want to stay updated with. This will alert you on any job changes, inform you of content they’ve posted, and even show you when the news has mentioned your lead. It makes tracking so much easier since you won’t have to manually check in on everyone.

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Develop an Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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